Trash Compactor Rental

Industrial & Commercial Waste Compactor Rental

Our roll-off compactor is perfect for businesses and builders who need to reduce large amounts of waste without sacrificing too much space. Ideal for grocery stores, event centers, hotels, restaurants, long-term projects and green builder programs — our compactor significantly cuts down waste volume by using a mechanical mechanism to compress waste. When waste is disposed of into our compactors, an electric wall compacts the waste into a smaller size using heavy force. This process reduces the volume of waste, allowing more space in the compactor for more waste to be thrown into.

Ready to rent a compactor? Please call our Customer Care team at (800) 375-8375 or request a free quote online to discuss the particulars of your compactor rental. 

roll off compactor on TDS truck

Compactor sizes

While sizing may vary by manufacturer, the TDS roll-off compactors are available in sizes up to 39 cubic yards, offering ample space and power to crush several tons of waste. Designed with liquid management systems, the amount of weight and cost of hauling is significantly reduced. Our compactors work great for a variety of industrial and commercial needs where space is limited, minimizing the amount of pickups.

compactor with dimensions

Compactor rental price

The cost of renting a compactor can vary based on your location, the type of debris you’re disposing of, the weight of the debris, and the duration of the rental. To get an accurate quote, please contact our Customer Care team. You can reach us at (800) 375-8375 or contact us online.

TDS compactor on truck

Compactor weight limit

For a TDS roll-off compactor, the typical weight limit is between 5,000 and 16,000 pounds of debris, depending on the compactor size. If you have any questions or concerns regarding weight restrictions or need more information on what can and can’t be disposed of in a compactor, our Customer care team is here to provide you with assistance.

roll off compactor on truck on the road

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Compactor Rental, Delivery & Pick-Up Process

Schedule your waste compactor rental

Call our Customer Care team or reach out online to coordinate your compactor rental with one of our representatives. Our specialists are here to take care of all of your compactor service needs, such as getting you the right equipment and preparing for delivery.

Select and prepare the location for your compactor

You will first need a permit from the city to place your compactor in a public space. Once you’ve obtained a permit, decide where is the best location to place your compactor while keeping in mind leaving enough room for the truck to deliver and service.

Compactor drop-off by TDS team member

The TDS team will manage the delivery of your compactor rental, bringing it right to your specified business or project location. To guarantee a seamless delivery, please make sure the compactor drop-off area is clean of debris or obstructions.

Fill your compactor

Now that you have your compactor in place, you can start disposing of waste or begin your long-term project. You’ll want to make sure there are no hazardous items like batteries or fluorescent light bulbs mixed in with your waste. These items should be disposed of separately from bulky items. Check your state environmental agency website for more details on how to dispose of hazardous waste.

Compactor pick-up by a TDS team member

At the end of your rental period, the TDS team will load up your compactor and haul it away at the designated time, date, and location. Just let us know when you’re prepared for a pickup and our team will stop by.

Why Choose TDS for Your Waste Compactor Rental

We offer eco-friendly waste disposal, contributing to a greener future.

TDS provides a full-service rental experience from expert drivers to exceptional customer support.

We are committed to serving our local community.