Trash, Recycling, and Composting Collection Services for Your Home

Residential Curbside Solutions

We are a rapidly growing provider of solid waste collection services in Central Texas. Our fully integrated facility – the first of its kind permitted in the state of Texas – is able to process recycling, composting and waste all at the same location, meaning that TDS can provide the exact waste solution you need for your home.

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Trash Collection Cart

Trash Collection Cart

Our residential trash cart is ideal for your household trash. This cart is available in all areas of our residential collection service and in various sizes to best suit your needs. Residential trash services with TDS include trash container delivery to your home, where trash is picked up on a weekly basis. Find your trash collection schedule here.

Recycling Collection Cart

Recycling Collection Cart

Our residential recycling cart is perfect for your recyclable materials. This cart is available in most residential areas that we service. For your convenience, TDS utilizes single-stream recycling, meaning that you and your family don’t need to separate recyclable materials. Recycling carts are typically picked up every other week, but schedules may vary by location. Find the recycling schedule for your home here.

Green Waste Collection Cart

Green Waste Collection Cart

Our residential green waste cart includes collection service for green waste, including tree trimmings, yard clippings, branches, brush and more. TDS transfers this green waste to our facility in Austin for composting, which is typically used as a soil amendment or as a component of potting mixes. This cart is available in select residential areas. 

Texas Disposal Systems offers our residential customers access to our Waste Wizard, a free app and online widget where you can sign up for collection reminders, service alerts and sync pickup days straight into your digital schedule. This app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

The Waste Wizard also provides a “What Goes Where” feature, providing answers to residents about where to sort their waste. We also integrated an educational game to test your waste sorting knowledge!

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Residential Curbside Service Advantages

Comprehensive and Convenient Services
For every one of your waste disposal needs, we have a solution. TDS is equipped to handle any waste service, including residential trash service, recycling service and composting service for the communities we serve.

We utilize single-stream recycling, meaning that you and your family do not need to separate recyclable materials. We will handle that.

Competitive Pricing
We value our customers and strive to offer the best service at an affordable price.

Superior Support
Our team goes above and beyond to keep our customers satisfied and our communities clean. For everyday questions including pickup scheduling, you can also check the Waste Wizard, our free app that provides collection reminders and more.

Bulky Item Collection Services

We offer bulky item collection for materials that don’t fit into normal containers, like furniture, appliances, doors, carpet, and other bulky items.

While contracts vary from city to city, TDS will generally collect three (3) cubic yards per bulky pickup. This is roughly about the size of three (3) washers side-by-side. (Please see our TDS Bulky Assistance Flyer for a visual aid on how to measure the items for your bulky pickup.) These items should be placed on the curb for collection no later than 6 a.m. on the day of service. TDS will not enter a residence to collect items.

TDS will not accept hazardous materials, such as paints, chemicals, dead animals, sheet glass or fiberglass insulation. TDS will also not collect items like dirt, concrete, or construction material. Other limitations may exist. Please contact Customer Care at (800) 375-8375 to schedule a pickup and verify your local ordinances.


Texas Disposal Systems accepts recycling through single stream processing. This process is faster and more convenient for residents, while we handle the sorting at our on-site Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). At the MRF, recyclables are manually and mechanically separated, processed, bailed and sent to market for second-life applications.

Watch this short animated video to learn more about what is recyclable and how the sorting process works!


Texas Disposal Systems collects residential yard waste, food scraps, and other compostables for processing at our on-site composting facilities in Central Texas. Your compostable waste is processed in large outdoor windrows. Over time, the materials are churned and shifted until they are fully decomposed into usable organic products for resale.

Watch this short animated video to learn more about what is compostable and how the compost process works!

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Additional Residential Curbside Information

Do you have questions about your residential curbside service?
Check out our FAQ section to find answers to your questions.

We also offer resources like printable flyers for compostable green waste and recyclable waste (glass accepted/glass not accepted) you can reference when disposing of waste.