Concrete Recycling in Central Texas

At our fully-integrated facility, concrete and construction waste materials like bricks are processed on-site, which leads to a greener ecosystem and a more economical solution to putting heavy debris into the landfill.

According to the EPA, roughly 50 percent of materials put into the landfill are concrete and demolition debris materials. When landfilled, these items reduce air space and lead to higher disposal costs. Concrete and demolition recycling, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way to dispose of construction debris.

At Texas Disposal Systems, we utilize these recycled materials to help divert as much waste as possible from the landfill.

Going Green with Builder Solutions

TDS Provides Builders a Place to Dispose of Concrete & Bricks

By recycling concrete and demolition materials, we keep heavy, non-compactable rubble out of the waste stream and reduce airspace in the landfill, which saves money and natural resources.

These cost-savings get passed on to builders, creating a more affordable way to dispose of concrete and demolition remains while also creating building materials for the projects of tomorrow.

To see how TDS can meet your construction and builder project needs, including concrete recycling, dumpster delivery, and more, contact one of our Builder Solutions specialists today!

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How It Works: Recycling Concrete with TDS

Concrete and other material, such as asphalt, brick, porcelain, tile and rock, gets collected away from our landfill in our concrete recycling plant. This material is stacked up into a crusher, which reduces the material into small, bite-sized pieces.

Once crushed, the material will go onto a set of conveyor belts, where magnets will pull off ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling. It will also go through a second round of impact crushing, helping break down the material further.

After this first pass, the material makes its way to a sifter which sorts the material into similarly sized chunks, allowing them to be used for different purposes such as road base, pea gravel and aggregate. It also will separate dust and dirt from rock materials, making for cleaner fills and a finer final product.

What TDS Accepts for Concrete Recycling

We accept clean concrete – with and without rebar – for recycling. Additionally, we accept clean rock base material such as, but not limited to:

  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Asphalt
  • Porcelain
  • Marble

All items brought to TDS must be properly prepared as clean recyclables. This means that items must be free of contaminants such as paint, liquids, or hazardous materials.

We also have the capability to recycle other construction and demolition debris including lumber, wood and brush. TDS accepts recyclable materials from both businesses and individuals. If you plan on bringing your material directly to one of our transfer stations, please refer to our gate rates

You do not need to contact TDS in advance of a drop-off, but if you have questions regarding which items are acceptable for concrete and demolition recycling, our Customer Care team is here to help.

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