Processing Facility

Landfill Landfill


As the first fully-integrated facility of its kind in Texas, TDS’ sister company Texas Landfill Management (TLM) offers an award-winning approach to environmental preservation.

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Recycling Recycling


Better known as the MRF, recycles 20-25 tons of material per hour including glass, cardboard, paper, aluminum and plastic that has been recycled by the communities that TDS serves.

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Composting Composting


TLM has one of the largest composting facilities in the state, and its acres of land for static piling and windrow compost turns waste into beneficial resources.

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Concrete Concrete


With a demonstrated history of successfully diverting waste from the landfill, we offer a more economical way to dispose of concrete and rock base materials. TDS also uses those recycled materials to create new concrete products.

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Our top of the line process facility in Southeast Travis County is able to divert and recycle waste in an eco-friendly way.  We use innovative methods of waste hauling and recycling in our processes, including landfilling, single-stream recycling, composting and concrete recycling services.

A Commitment to Diversion

We are more than a waste pickup provider. By providing alternatives and seeking ways to divert material from the landfill, we use only the most environmentally conscientious methods for solid waste collection, processing, and disposal.

This includes a fully integrated landfill – the first of its kind in the state of Texas – that incorporates solid waste disposal, compost production, and recycling operations. From this award-winning landfill to large-scale composting fields to a state-of-the-art recycling facility, we offer several options in diverting waste from the landfill.

We’re setting a new standard in the resource management industry by offering revolutionary approaches, integrated services, and independent ownership.

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