We are one of the largest independently-owned solid waste collection, processing and disposal companies in the nation, and the state’s first totally integrated facility of its kind.

Located on 2,000 acres of land, Texas Landfill Management (TLM)’s southeast Travis County facility was opened on Feb. 1, 1991. The facility incorporates solid waste disposal, materials processing, compost production, and recycling operations, processing on average between 3,000 and 4,000 tons of solid waste per day.

For pricing information and rates for our landfill and transfer stations, please see our rates page:

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Environmental Awareness

The landfill, recognized nationally as one of the best landfills in America, combines natural and manmade barriers to meet stringent environmental protection regulations.

By utilizing natural shale and clay, TDS has a structure that features a performance-based liner system with a leachate collection system and thick re-compacted clay sidewall liners.

The liner system easily meets the standards of the performance-based landfill liner system currently required by both the EPA and the TCEQ.

To take a virtual tour of our fully integrated landfill facility, please watch the video below.

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Accepted Materials

We aim to accept as many items as possible for disposal, but certain items cannot be placed in a landfill or be recycled. This includes hazardous wastes, paint, non-compostable bulk liquids and radioactive wastes.

Check out our What’s Accepted page for a list of accepted materials.  For information on acceptance of a specific material, please call our Customer Care team at (800) 375-8375.

For a virtual tour of our recycling facilities, including our Materials Recovery Facility, please see the video below.

Transfer Stations

In addition to our award-winning Travis County landfill facility, we offer transfer stations in multiple locations across Texas.

These stations allow responsible resource management in different communities by putting collected materials from multiple trucks into one truck of large capacity. That truck then takes the waste to our facility in Travis County.

Transfer stations enable municipalities to properly handle waste streams without the lengthy, expensive process of a landfill and to improve efficiencies and service. Additionally, transfer stations keep fewer trucks on the road, while simultaneously allowing more waste to be collected.

For a full list of our transfer stations, please consult our Contact Us page. For dumping prices at our transfer stations, please see our Gate Rates.