Restaurant Waste Solutions

Solid Waste Services & Custom Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Did you know that 95% of all restaurant waste can be recycled or composted?

Texas Disposal Systems helps restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry dispose and divert waste in a sustainable manner, all while improving the financial bottom line and enhancing the appearance and cleanliness of kitchen and service areas. TDS builds custom, cost-efficient solutions that reduce disposal costs, minimize reliance on landfilling and comply with local regulations.

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Restaurant Recycling Services Restaurant Recycling Services

Restaurant Recycling Services

Our team makes your company greener with responsible, practical recycling solutions. See how we do it at Buzz Mill Coffee in Austin and San Marcos.

Commercial Composting Services Commercial Composting Services

Commercial Composting Services

Our green, food waste composting services can process items others can’t, including meat and dairy products. Find out how we can help you reduce waste and start composting.

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Universal Recycling Ordinance Universal Recycling Ordinance

Universal Recycling Ordinance

We’re uniquely qualified to help you with new URO requirements. Discover how we can assist your business in staying code compliant in a stress-free way.

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Our first-ever customers were in the service and hospitality business, and we’ve offered those industries effective, custom waste solutions ever since.

Our recipe for success utilizes more than 40 years of expertise in waste regulations, including current ordinances enacted by cities and municipalities across Central Texas. Our fully integrated facility allows us to sort and redirect restaurant-specific types of waste, including composting and recycling services that meet or exceed updated mandates.

Our clearly marked bins and staff training offerings ensure your team is performing at their best, allowing them to work at the highest levels possible. Choose TDS as your waste partner so you can focus on what you do best.

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Chef cooking using compostable and recyclable items

Restaurant Recycling and Waste Solutions in the Community

Texas Disposal Systems has offered waste, recycling, and composting solutions to the hospitality industry for years. We recognized this industry produces waste which can be diverted from the landfill and repurposed.

Aside from landfill trash, our team helps hospitality businesses identify areas to improve through recycling as well as composting food scraps. Our work with Buzz Mill Coffee is an example of how we helped this local restaurant chain reach higher levels of diversion and supported their sustainability goals.

We are committed to supporting the local hospitality industry through waste disposal and event solutions offerings. Read how we worked with Buzz Mill Coffee to help them divert waste and implement sustainable practices.

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Texas Disposal Systems supported Buzz Mill Coffee on their path to green and sustainable business practices. We partnered with Buzz Mill to implement waste diversion practices, like recycling and composting. These practices were applied to both the back-of-house operations and staff, as well as for their customers when disposing of their waste and food scraps.

Watch this video case study to see how these diversion and sustainability practices were put into action throughout the local franchise locations.