TDS Supports Austin’s Universal Recycling Ordinance

Universal Recycling Ordinance

The Universal Recycling Ordinance, in support of Austin’s Zero Waste Policy, requires property owners to provide tenants and employees access to recycling and composting services. The URO has detailed outlines for property owners to follow, as well as a robust timeline for both multifamily residential properties and commercial non-residential properties.

Texas Disposal Systems supports Austin’s URO and Zero Waste Initiative as a significant way to divert waste from the landfill. As a leader in landfill diversion, we are able to help businesses and individuals meet URO requirements with a seamless transition. With full-service recycling and composting, we offer a better way to divert waste in Central Texas.

What is the URO?

The URO requires businesses to comply with landfill diversion requirements as part of Austin’s Zero Waste Initiative. It includes policies for organics diversion for commercial businesses, recycling requirements for multi-family dwelling units, annual landfill diversion plan standards, signage standards and other diversion practices. 

Why TDS?

As an industry leader in landfill diversion, TDS is uniquely qualified to help businesses with the URO. With a fully integrated facility – the first of its kind in the state of Texas – TDS has the ability to divert waste our competitors cannot, such as composting meat and dairy products.

Additionally, TDS can help your business make a smooth transition into URO compliance in the following ways:

  • Offer specialized bins for maintaining cleanliness
  • Assist with compiling customer Annual Diversion Plans
  • Convert waste into useful resources to preserve landfill capacity
  • Provide signage, education and training on our three-stream program
  • Supply businesses with specialized training for diversion education

Texas Disposal Systems provides support and services designed to help residential and commercial properties meet URO requirements. For help on bringing your residential or commercial property up to URO standards, contact us today.