Texas Disposal Systems' Citizens Convenience Center and Resale Center

Citizens Convenience Center

Our Citizens Convenience Center (CCC) is our public disposal area in southeast Travis County. Located away from the working face of the landfill, the CCC allows citizens to safely and easily access a disposal site for waste and other used items. TDS sorts the items into the landfill, recycling center, or Resale Center accordingly.

All roads to the CCC are paved, and our skilled, friendly staff will help you unload your vehicle. With the CCC, we are able to minimize odors and litter, all while serving our neighbors in the best ways possible.

Per local regulations, please have your truck or trailer covered and properly secured with tie-downs before entering TDS facilities. Unsecured or inadequately secured loads may be assessed a fine.

Proper covering materials can include tarps, nets or blankets. Proper tie-downs can include bungee cords, ratchet ties, heavy-duty zip-ties, s-hook systems, chains, threaded cords or rope.

Accepted Materials Accepted Materials

Accepted Materials

Find what items can and cannot be disposed of at the Citizens Convenience Center. 

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Pricing Pricing


Find pricing and information for disposal rates, accepted load weights, and costs for specialty items.

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Find directions to the Citizens Convenience Center, located in southeast Travis County. 

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The CCC is home to our Resale Center, which is considered “Austin’s best unadvertised garage sale,” according to The Austin Chronicle.

As part of our commitment to divert waste from the landfill, we reclaim and repurpose materials at the CCC and sell them in our Resale Center.

Most items in the Resale Center are brought in from people moving, cleaning out storage units, and getting rid of what they consider junk. Items for resale include furniture, tools, appliances, books, electronics, clothes, toys and knick knacks.

Items in our Resale Center are always changing and are often tested before being placed out for sale. We also offer limited electric testing areas as well for the public to test items before purchase.

The center operates on Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Contact us at (800) 375-8375 for more information about the TDS Citizens Convenience Center and Resale Center.

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