Waste Disposal, Recycling & Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Builder Solutions

Texas Disposal Systems is a one-stop solution for construction and demolition sites, offering a variety of services, including roll-off dumpsters for bulk waste pick-up needs at job sites, portable restrooms, concrete and demolition recycling, source separation of materials, landscaping solutions and more.

The experts at TDS help builders achieve easy and cost-effective construction recycling and waste disposal plans. We’ll ensure you remain in compliance with both city ordinances and your project’s plan.


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Roll-Off Dumpsters Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll-Off Dumpsters

We offer roll-off service of all sizes, ideal for construction waste disposal and customized for your job site.

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Portable Restrooms Portable Restrooms

Portable Restrooms

We offer a variety of portable restrooms and construction site services, all with prompt service.

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Concrete Recycling Concrete Recycling

Concrete Recycling

Learn the environmental and cost benefits of recycling concrete and demolition debris with us.

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Our roll-off dumpsters are available in a wide range of sizes to support construction projects of various scales. When utilizing our builder solutions, our team works to schedule the delivery of the dumpster so that it’s available exactly when you need it. Our expert drivers will place and collect dumpsters professionally and courteously, removing debris from your construction or demolition services site. 

See the Dumpster Rental Guide for details.

TDS roll-off dumpster on our truck

Sustainable Construction Practices

We’re here to support builders looking for more ways to integrate environmental responsibility into their business and on their construction sites. It’s our goal to make reducing waste on the construction site not only easy and convenient, but cost- and time-effective, too.

Texas Disposal Systems accepts and recycles the following construction debris:

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Tile
  • Porcelain
  • Rock
  • Lumber
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Excavated earth products
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We keep your job sites compliant with local regulations regarding waste disposal by separating material either on your job site or at our facilities. This program helps maximize your landfill diversion, helping you with laws like Austin’s Construction and Demolition Ordinance and certification programs like LEED building designations.

Other landfill diversion efforts include processing large-scale metal recycling and promoting the responsible reuse of metal. We accept ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal and offer competitive rates. Our turn-key source separation and recycling solutions help to reduce the environmental impact of your job site. 

TDS roll-off dumpsters with source separation metals at sunset


Texas Disposal Systems makes it easier for builders to practice sustainable construction practices. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped our customers divert waste from the landfill to beneficial uses. With our Green TDS Builder Solutions, even more clients and customers can divert a majority of their waste while meeting ordinance and certification standards.

Every builder in our program receives a customized plan of action. Services in the program include landscaping solutions, source separation of materials, in-depth requirements reporting, employee training and education, and more.

With the help of state-certified scales and thorough documentation, clients can know they’re working with a trusted partner. We even handle the paperwork to make sure your projects meet green initiatives, letting you focus on your projects.

Construction workers collaborating with each other at work

Builder Solutions & Site Services

Texas Disposal Systems has served builders, including construction and demolition professionals, across Central Texas for decades. We provide waste disposal services to meet your job site needs and satisfy local ordinances.

Aside from waste disposal, we also offer site services ranging from portable restrooms to power generators. These site services paired with waste disposal make TDS your one-stop-shop partner for any size project.

We are committed to supporting builders and C&D professional with their projects in Central Texas.  Read how we worked with H&H Foradory to handle their construction waste and workers’ site service needs.

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Texas Disposal Systems has supported H&H Foradory over the years by handling their construction waste and site services needs. Through our partnership, together we diverted waste away from the landfill and repurposed materials like untreated lumber and concrete into second-life products. We’ve also provided site services, such as portable restrooms, for H&H Foradory’s projects sites to meet workers’ hygienic needs.

Watch this video case study to see how we support H&H Foradory with waste diversion and sustainability practices at their project sites.