July 07, 2023

A Guide to Renting Portable Restrooms For Weddings

When planning a wedding, there are seemingly endless details to weigh and consider. Restrooms may or may not be on the top of that list, but ensuring your guests have access to enough clean restrooms is important. Depending on your wedding venue, it might be worth arranging for the presence of portable restrooms. 

If your ceremony will be held outdoors and far away from an indoor facility, having a restroom can make your event go more smoothly and is a kindness to all. Some outdoor venues even require wedding restroom rentals before accommodating a booking. 

Don’t let this seemingly minor aspect of your wedding submarine an otherwise smooth, stress-free, joyous occasion. In this comprehensive guide, we take a look at everything you need to know when renting restrooms for your wedding, such as your rental options, logistics (where to locate the restroom units physically), how many units you need, the expected costs and most importantly how to best set up your restrooms to have a relaxing wedding day.

How many restrooms are necessary for a wedding?

The popular rule of thumb for the number of toilets needed per person at large events is 50 guests per toilet. If budget constraints exist, the bare minimum recommended is 100 guests per toilet. Also, note that if your wedding includes alcoholic beverages, you’ll want to consider this when allocating the number of toilets needed.

Options for portable restrooms for weddings

Options range from luxury restroom trailers to your more traditional portable restrooms. Frequently, wedding planners will strongly advise you to opt for the luxury option, as these are best for guests in formal wear. 

Here’s an outline of all of your options, from elite, deluxe and standard tiers. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Accessible units are available in all tier options.

Luxury restroom rentals for weddings: Elite and deluxe options

Opting for a restroom solution within the luxury space, especially one with vanity space, will give your guests an elevated experience while allowing them to look their best in their upscale attire. In essence, virtually everyone has had a jarring experience in a public restroom and you want to do your best to provide your guests with an enjoyable experience and your wedding. 

Within the luxury space specifically, there are a multitude of options ranging from the exceptionally high-end, elegant options complete with a restroom attendant to relatively elevated experiences that might lack something such as climate control, music, or vanity space.

Luxury restroom trailers can be a significant portion of a wedding’s budget based on the guest list size. You can work with one of TDS’s Sales team members to find the best pricing for your budget and guests’ comfort.

Elite restroom rentals for weddings

Our elite restroom trailers are one of TDS’s top-tier, luxury portable restrooms. These are as close to a non-portable looking restroom as you can possibly get and are available in 4-unit and 8-unit options that feature:

  • Granite-appearance countertops
  • Wood vinyl flooring
  • Separate men’s and women’s stalls
  • Flushing toilets (as opposed to your standard holding tank portable restrooms)
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Interior and exterior lighting

TDS elite restroom trailer

Deluxe restroom rentals for weddings

Our deluxe portable units feature slip-resistant floors, door latches, ventilation and a design that’s free of sharp edges. All of our deluxe portable units include handwashing sinks and are clean, efficient and presentable.

TDS deluxe units

Standard restroom rentals for weddings

Standard options will ensure you’ve covered your bases for your wedding. TDS offers standard portable restrooms that can be left in one place and rolling units, which can be hitched to a trailer and moved easily to different locations. The latter are especially helpful if you plan on having separate parts of your wedding take place in separate locations. 

All of our standard portable restrooms for rent feature slip-resistant floors, door latches, ventilation, and a design that’s free of sharp edges. 

TDS standard retrooms

Handwashing stations and other amenities

In addition to restrooms, you’ll want to supply your guests with a few other things to set them up to have their best time. The first and probably most important is adequate handwashing stations to pair with the restroom rental. Luxury restrooms most likely come with an attached sink with handwashing facilities, but don’t forget to provide towels! Beyond just sanitation capacity, we recommend providing flowers, signage, or any other type of customization to your restroom and sink area to provide a holistic aesthetic experience for your guests.

Setting up restroom rental on your wedding day

Once you’ve selected what type of restroom rental you want for your wedding day, all that is left is to make sure you account for a few more restroom decisions. Below are some final logistical factors to consider for the day of your wedding.


Choosing where to physically set up your restrooms is essential. Keep in mind the three S’s: sight, sound and scent. Place the restroom area away from where guests will be eating and drinking. If possible, it’s advisable to stash the restroom area away behind some obscuring space like a barn or grove of trees. Don’t place the restrooms too far away, though, especially if you’ve opted for luxury restrooms, as you’ll likely need electricity to power them.


Be sure to work with your wedding planner or event staff to ensure they’re monitoring and maintaining the cleanliness of the restroom area throughout the event. If your rental option doesn’t provide a restroom attendant, consider hiring one to facilitate your guests’ comfort.


The event staff should be well-versed in managing an event such as your wedding, so try not to stress! Their mission is to provide you with the absolute best experience possible. All that’s left for you is to relax and enjoy your memorable day.

TDS is there for your big day

At Texas Disposal Systems, our team works on your schedule, delivering everything you need within an agreed time window. Virtually all portable restroom needs can be met by us, including essential requirements, elite events and VIP trailer experiences. 

Rest assured that our portable restrooms operate with the most eco-friendly practices. With our comprehensive service, the same company will handle delivery, maintenance and haul-away for your portable restroom.

Click the request a quote button below and one of our friendly representatives will happily help you prepare for your wedding today. Congratulations on your pending nuptials!