Landfill FAQ

Texas Disposal Systems Landfill FAQ

What are your landfill prices? How much does it cost to dump there?

Our current landfill rates can be found here.

Why do you charge fees and surcharges?

TDS charges a fuel surcharge for both Waste Collection and Landfill Disposal. TDS also charges a fee for any loads that are not properly secured before entering TDS facilities per local regulations. Proper covering materials can include tarps, nets or blankets.

Proper tie-downs can include bungee cords, ratchet ties, heavy-duty zip-ties, s-hook systems, chains, threaded cords or rope.

A detailed explanation on TDS Fees & Surcharges can be found here.

Can I bring in hazardous waste?

TDS does accept asbestos, sludge, and other special waste under specific circumstances. We accept appliances and batteries for recycling.

We do not accept paint, bulk liquids, chemicals or household hazardous waste. Drop off sites for these materials vary by county and you can contact your county for more information about how to dispose of these materials.

Do you pick up dead animals?

No. We do not pick up or accept dead animals. If a pet has died, you can contact your veterinarian or a pet crematory. For other instances, contact your local county authority for more information or to request a dead animal pickup.

What if I have large or bulky items to dispose?

We will likely accept the items at the landfill or a transfer station. Please consult our Waste Wizard for information, which you can download and sign up for through Google Play and the App Store. You can also contact the nearest TDS landfill or transfer station near you.

If your interested in having large or bulky items picked up, contact our offices directly at (800) 375-8375 to schedule collection. Our staff will advise you of limitations and additional charges for the curbside service.

Does TDS accept cable and/or wire for recycling and/or landfill?

Effective February 13, 2023, cable and wire, both non-recyclable fiber-based and recyclable metal-based, cannot be included/mixed with other site waste in roll-off dumpsters or commercial containers, as they can become entangled in our landfill equipment and cause costly damage. An additional fee of $200 per cubic yard for this material will be assessed. This link includes examples of both types of cable/wire we are commonly receiving.

If you need to dispose of cable/wire materials from your site, we can provide other options to ensure it is processed safely. Some options might include:

–          Processing recyclable (metal-based) cable/wire at our metal recycling facility and receiving a rebate for qualifying material.

–          Maintaining a dedicated recyclable metal roll-off container on your site. This can be hauled to our metal recovery facility and may qualify for metal rebates.

–          Maintaining a dedicated container for non-recyclable (fiber-based) cable/wire to ensure its separation from other waste. This can be hauled to our landfill facility for disposal.

If you have questions about how to manage your cable/wire waste in the future, please reach out directly to your TDS Sales Representative. They can help by designing a plan specific to your cable/wire waste processing needs. For any other questions, please contact our Commercial Care team by phone at 844-873-7733 or email at [email protected].

Can I self-haul garbage and recycling to your landfill and transfer stations?

Yes. We are happy to accept bagged or bulk trash, recycling, and brush. Visit our Contact page to find the nearest TDS landfill or transfer station near you. Call ahead if you have any questions on what will or won’t be accepted onsite.

What is your Citizens Convenience Center?

Our Citizens Convenience Center (CCC) is our public disposal area in southeast Travis County. Located away from the working face of the landfill, the CCC allows citizens to safely and easily access a disposal site for waste and other used items.

More information including a list of what’s accepted, pricing and directions can be found here.

At what hours can I dispose of garbage at a TDS landfill?

The TDS landfill is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or sunset (whichever occurs first), Monday through Saturday. We’re closed on Sundays.

Can I get a reprinted scale ticket?

In order to receive a reprinted scale ticket, please email our Accounts Receivable Department at [email protected].

How do you keep birds away and keep your landfill from stinking?

TDS works very hard to maintain a smaller working surface, which includes continually covering any materials in the landfill. By doing so, we don’t allow the trash to sit rotting for any period of time, which eliminates odor and prevents birds from finding a food source at the landfill.