Exotic Wildlife Ranch

Exotic Wildlife Ranch FAQ

What is the TDS Exotic Wildlife Ranch?

The Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Wildlife Ranch and Pavilion is a working exotic game ranch and invited guest entertainment facility operation. The ranch is primarily a conservation operation, serving as the home of over 2,000 animals. Many of these breeds are considered endangered.

What made TDS decide to have animals?

The Gregory Family has always been fascinated by animals and invested in conservation efforts. When they were choosing a fence to enclose the landfill, they opted for the eight-foot game fence, which looks less industrial and blends into the environment. A few cattle were brought to the property and the interest in having animals was sparked.

The family continued to add animals for the entertainment of invited guests and non-profit groups at the Pavilion. Now, the property includes species from every continent besides Antarctica. The animals continue to be enjoyed and help demonstrate that a properly run landfill can be a good neighbor to all. Endangered and exotic animals never have or will be used for hunting purposes at the TDS Exotic Game Ranch.

Can I come see the animals?

We invite non-profit groups and invited guests to enjoy the Exotic Game Ranch and use the Pavilion for fundraising activities. However, it is not open to the public at this time. To apply to host your non-profit fundraiser, please visit our Event Request Form and include your non-profit event information for consideration.

Why do you have the Pavilion?

TDS believes strongly in giving back to the community. We have focused our efforts on helping qualified non-profit organizations raise funds, recognize worthy citizens and provide educational opportunities. TDS has hosted over 2,000 events at its pavilion since 1999 and has never charged groups to use our facility. To date, we have helped those non-profit groups raise over 20 million dollars for their organizations.

Please visit our Event Request Form to apply to host your non-profit fundraiser.