Composting FAQ

Composting FAQ


What is accepted in composting?

We accept residential yard waste as well as commercial food compost materials. Residential yard waste composting includes soiled paper like cups, plates, napkins, and paper bags; empty soiled cardboard or boxboard containers like pizza boxes, milk cartons, and takeout boxes; organic materials like leaves, grass clippings, small branches, brush trimmings, and untreated wood scraps. Materials must be loose and not in bags. Please consult our Waste Wizard for a comprehensive search of acceptable items.

Commercial food waste composting from restaurants, hotels, and other kitchens includes liquids, meat, bones and shells, and fruit and vegetables; soiled paper like cardboard, wooden skewers, coffee filters, and tea bags; organic material like plants, flowers, landscape vegetation, and untreated wood scraps. A full list of commercially acceptable items can be found by contacting a TDS commercial representative at (800) 375-8375.

What do I do with yard waste if I don’t have the residential yard waste composting service?

Yard waste and brush are accepted at the TDS Landfill and transfer stations to be composted. Find the closest location here.