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Brush Grinding and Disposal

Brush disposal is necessary after clearing a plot of land, doing landscaping, or even cleaning up after a natural disaster

We have a commitment to diverting items away from the landfill, including organic materials like untreated wood, brush, vegetation, and earth products. This is why we offer several types of brush grinding and brush drop off services.

Onsite Brush Grinding Onsite Brush Grinding

Onsite Brush Grinding

We have the ability to grind brush on-site at your location. The grinding process results in nutrient-rich mulch that you can use immediately onsite. If you prefer, we can haul the mulch away to be composted or otherwise reused in your local community.

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Brush Pick Up or Drop Off Brush Pick Up or Drop Off

Brush Pick Up or Drop Off

If you need brush hauled away from your property, we offer roll-off dumpster rentals. We own the process from beginning to end as one vendor, meaning we work on your schedule from start to finish. You are also able to drop off brush at our SARA, Victoria, and Creedmoor locations.

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Why TDS?

TDS has been a proud provider of disposal services for more than 40 years. We are committed to providing affordable, quick, and quality service to all of our clients. Learn about our innovative processing facilities, and read our case studies here.

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