Benefits of Dumpster & Trash Enclosures and Things To Consider Before Building One

dumpster enclosure behind retail store

Benefits of Dumpster & Trash Enclosures and Things To Consider Before Building One

If you require a permanent dumpster at your facility, you may want to consider building a dumpster enclosure. While dumpsters are practical and useful, they can be unsightly. An exposed dumpster can also attract unwanted attention and pose safety risks. Concealing the dumpster with an enclosure creates a more pleasant view of the trash receptacle and increases security.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of dumpster enclosures and things to consider before you start your building process. 

What is a Dumpster Enclosure and Why Do You Need One?

A dumpster enclosure is a fenced-in area that conceals your dumpster from plain sight. The area can only be entered by authorized personnel. This way you have control over who sees and accesses your trash.

There are various reasons for installing a commercial trash enclosure. Consider the following benefits to having a dumpster enclosure at your facility.

Professional Appearance

Due to its large size, a dumpster in plain view isn’t always a pleasant sight. A dumpster enclosure provides a professional, aesthetically pleasing view. If anything comes out of the dumpster, such as paper and debris, the dumpster enclosure keeps the items from flying around your facility’s parking lot and helps create a cleaner environment for you and your business. 

Helps Decrease the Chance of Animals Entering the Dumpster

Unwanted intruders such as raccoons, coyotes, bears and deer can easily make their way into unprotected dumpsters. A dumpster enclosure will help prevent any unwanted animals from accessing your garbage. If unprotected, animals can often come back in larger quantities creating a disaster for your waste.

Things to Consider When Building a Dumpster Enclosure

To have success with a trash enclosure, it’s important to consider design, construction and installation details.

Size of Enclosure

The correct dimensions for your dumpster enclosure are vital. Ensure there is enough room for the dumpster to fit inside the enclosure and make sure the enclosure allows easy entry by authorized personnel. The bin must also be accessible for collection by your waste disposal company. Some cities require certain dimensions for trash enclosures and building permits. Check with your local building department before ordering any materials.

Design & Material

Carefully consider your dumpster enclosure design and size. A typical trash enclosure allows for 20 feet overhead clearance. Standard measurements are 14 feet long by 19 feet deep. Additionally, you want the opening to be at least 15 feet wide and the gate to swing out more than 90 degrees. Most enclosures are placed at least 50 to 100 feet from the closest building entrance.

Common dumpster enclosure building materials include wood, vinyl, metal, concrete and chain-link fencing. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose a material that works for your purpose within your budget. 

Installation Needs

The labor involved in building your dumpster enclosure will depend on the chosen building materials. You’ll also need sturdy posts to anchor the enclosure, which usually requires pouring concrete, such as Redi-Mix. Then you must consider the labor that’s involved in assembling and installing the enclosure.

Cost of Enclosure

The dumpster enclosure cost will depend on several factors. If you’re installing the enclosure yourself, that can potentially save you a considerable amount of money. Cost also depends on the chosen material. Vinyl and metal are pricier options than chain-link fencing and wood. If you have an existing concrete foundation for the dumpster to sit on, that may save you money. Otherwise, a concrete slab will need to be poured for the enclosure. The size of the enclosure also comes into play.

Tidy and Secure Dumpsters

Once you’ve installed a dumpster enclosure, you can be confident that your waste is secure. Whether you require a front load dumpster rental to fit into your trash enclosure or have needs that call for a commercial roll-off dumpster, Texas Disposal Systems is here to help. Check out our prices and specs for Dumpster Rentals in Central Texas.