Residential & Commercial Composting

TDS began diverting compostable material from its landfill in 1991 and expanded its operations in 1997 through Texas Organic Products (TOP), the composting division adjacent to our landfill working face. We make it convenient for customers to divert untreated lumber, brush and food waste materials for composting as part of our commitment to divert as much as possible from the landfill stream.  We offer composting solutions to both residential and commercial customers.

Commercial customers such as Samsung, Dell Diamond, ACL, SXSW, local schools and restaurants have utilized our compost service for maximum diversion. Our experts go beyond setting up your pickup schedule. We will help you choose the right containers to fit your needs, not just outside for removal, but inside your facilities. Additionally, we train staff members and provide educational material so you can make the most of your composting program.

The City of Austin has expanded their Universal Recycling Ordinance (URO) which will require all restaurants to adopt a composting program by 2016. As the only provider in Austin equipped to handle all your trash, recycling, and composting needs, we make it easy and affordable to comply.

TDS was the first company in central Texas to offer curbside composting service to residents, beginning in 2009.  Residents of these participating communities have seen diversion rates of up to 87% citywide. As part of a three-cart system for maximum diversion, residents can put grass, leaves, small branches and soiled paper products into their compost cart.

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