More and more municipalities across Texas are getting serious about reducing their environmental impact, and we’re here to help. Texas Disposal Systems is the only fully integrated landfill in the state of Texas. That means we’re uniquely qualified to offer customizable programs to handle trash, recycling, and composting solutions for your city.

TDS is a rapidly growing provider of franchised solid waste services in Texas. The main reason for our growth is our creativity and flexibility in meeting the varied needs of our customers. TDS understands that different communities have different needs, and we’re happy to develop a solution that fits yours specifically. We can offer a variety of curbside options for trash, recycling and organic waste, as well as choices for your community buildings and public spaces. Safety is our highest concern, and we provide consistent, courteous and safe collection of solid waste and recyclables. We provide a team of specific municipal representatives who understand our options and are available to communicate with you about any changing needs you may have. We offer reporting options to ensure you know what’s happening with your service and in your community. Let us help you determine the best service options for you and your neighbors.

For a free consultation with a Municipal Specialist, please contact 800.375.8375 or