Multi-Family Recycling

As central Texas communities expand their recycling efforts, more municipalities are requiring townhomes, condominiums and apartment complexes to offer recycling services. Many cities are considering measures that would require multi-family properties to comply with new regulations — including regular reports on how much recyclable material has been diverted from landfill disposal.

With Texas Disposal Systems multi-family recycling, we can provide an easy, cost effective way to meet those regulations in the most cost effective manner.

TDS will supply recycling containers for placement on your property. We collect plastics, paper, magazines, corrugated cardboard, steel, aluminum, and glass containers in a single container. We’ll provide your residents with a handy list of what we can and can’t accept, and schedule regular pickups. Then we’ll truck the recyclables to our on-site Materials Recovery Facility.

As part of the program, TDS can provide a complete assessment of your waste stream requirements and a customized plan of action, collection receptacles for parking lot pickup areas, and education for your tenants with downloadable posters for use at your buildings.

For a free consultation with a Multi-Family Recycling Specialist, please contact 800.375.8375 or