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Larry Laine, Director of Facilities

Larry Laine serves as our Director of Facilities and is responsible for general oversight of proposed expansions within our organization with respect to our facilities, ranging from new business development at the landfill to our off-site transfer stations scattered throughout our service territory. He is also charged with reviewing and implementing new strategies and initiatives stemming from our award-winning state-of-the-art integrated landfill.

Larry has extensive experience in managing large groups of dedicated employees in numerous types of operations, most recently as the Chief Clerk/Deputy Land Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office. His 22 years of experience in State Government coupled with another 18 years in the private sector uniquely qualify him as our Facilities Director. 

With his vast day-to-day operations experience with business units consisting of more than 600 employees and his relationships with local and state political leaders, Larry is well positioned to promote TDS’s future and present business units.