Green Event Solutions

TDS Green Event Solutions is an innovative “closed-loop” event resource management program that proudly offers full-service recycling and composting services while bringing a sense of eco-awareness to community events. Additionally we offer portable restrooms, wastewater, and other site services.

We are the one-stop shop of choice for recycling and composting services for the largest events (such as Austin’s famous Austin City Limits Music Festival) to the smallest company parties. Our Green Event Solutions service can include pre-event consultations, full staffing and training for your event, containers and supplies, transportation, processing materials, reporting, and even portable restrooms.

Not only do we help you divert trash from the landfill, but we also give you the information necessary to publish and compare your diversion figures at every event. Because TDS processes all of the materials at one facility, you only receive one invoice for the containers, materials and service. 

For a free consultation with a Green Event Solutions Specialist, please contact 800.375.8375 or