Event Venue Solutions

TDS has a proven record of making stadiums, entertainment, and event venues eco-friendly through recycling and composting options. We take the time to address what is going in the waste stream, help plan to reduce the amount of waste and then responsibly manage the resources from each stream. Reporting options are available to help advertise customers green initiative. Sporting stadiums, races, concert halls, and other venues have been partnering with TDS for years to offer their guests options and lead the way to waste diversion.

TDS believes in a holistic approach when it comes to green programs such as this. We offer much more than simply delivering a dumpster and setup a pickup schedule. We believe diversion begins at the front gate. Venues such as Dell Diamond, Circuit of the Americas, and Austin City Limits Live have benefitted from our diversion solutions. We’ve consulted with their food service vendors to find alternative recyclable options to help maximize the amount of materials being diverted and designed custom eco-stations to aid in consumer education. Coupled with extensive training for staff and ongoing program monitoring, our event venue solutions are easy and rewarding.

For a free consultation with a Event Venue Solutions Specialist, please contact 800.375.8375 or solutions@texasdisposal.com.