Citizens Convenience Center

TDS offers our customers a safe, convenient area to unload items brought into the landfill as part of our commitment to responsible resource management, good neighbor policies, and to minimize the size of the landfill working face. This helps reduce odors and reduce the wind blown litter.

Citizens who bring items for disposal start at the scale house, where the material is identified and verified acceptable.

Customers are then directed to the Citizens’ Convenience Center, easily accessible on a paved area free of large commercial vehicles. There, our trained staff members help customers unload their vehicles or trailers, keeping safety the highest priority. After they unload, citizens can exit the landfill property, staying on clean, safe, paved roads removed from machinery or the working landfill surface. Materials collected at the Citizens’ Convenience Center are diverted for resale at our Resale Center or separated for processing at our Materials Recovery Facility, or brought to our award-winning landfill for disposal.