Environmental Waste Services

TDS offers numerous options for the management of non-hazardous special wastes, asbestos waste materials and compostable solids and liquids. TDS can also provide partial to turnkey options for disaster clean-up projects. The TDS landfill maintains one of the most impeccable environmental records in the state; important to the peace of mind and long term liability of our customers and communities.

Non-Hazardous Special Wastes

TDS can provide transportation and disposal for most non-hazardous waste and special wastes. This includes class-2 contaminated soils (bulk and drums), lead paint related debris, industrial wastes, municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge solids and screenings, and any other non-hazardous solid wastes that require special handling and disposal.

Asbestos Waste

TDS is one of the largest asbestos waste transportation and disposal service providers in the central Texas area. TDS offers specialized enclosed asbestos containers for project site asbestos storage and transportation. TDS can provide asbestos disposal services for any level of need, from the local concerned homeowner to the largest demolition and abatement projects. We have served the asbestos disposal needs of many high profile, concerned customers such as school districts, universities, municipalities and other government agencies.

Compostable Solids and Liquids

The composting division of TDS, Texas Organic Products (TOP) can provide unique and cost-saving alternatives to the disposal or sanitary sewer discharge of organic-based process wastes. These wastes include food and beverage processing-related waste, wood-derived wastes and compostable wastes requiring secure destruction. TOP manages waste streams from institutional customers, food and beverage processors and other operations that may produce a usable by-product. TDS is the only company in Austin that can provide this environmentally conscious waste management solution.

Disaster Clean Up Services

TDS can provide transportation and disposal services related to disaster clean ups, whether required services are providing secure disposal through our landfill or providing turnkey collection, loading, transportation and disposal of non-hazardous disaster related wastes. After the major central Texas flooding in the fall of 1998, TDS provided waste transportation and collection for Comal County and provided turnkey clean-up service for the city of Cuero and the LCRA, at a significant cost savings.

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