Flood & Storm Debris Removal

Flood & Storm Debris Removal FAQ

Does TDS still collect household and commercial waste after major storms or disasters?

As long as conditions are safe and landfills are open, TDS will collect waste from households and commercial accounts. TDS will notify residents and account holders through social media announcements and Waste Wizard notifications on whether services will be canceled or delayed. TDS Customer Care can also confirm delays or cancellations at (800) 375-8375 or [email protected]. You can download and sign up for the Waste Wizard app through Google Play and the App Store.

My trash date was missed due to storm conditions. What do I do next?

If your scheduled trash date was missed due to inclement weather, please contact Customer Care at (800) 375-8375 or at [email protected] to see when your next pickup will be. Depending on your municipality, there are policies in place for placing additional bags or containers out for trash collection. Please confirm your specific policy with Customer Care.

Are there items that cannot be picked up?

No. For damaged sheetrock, carpet, insulation, and other related items, please dispose of those items in a roll-off container. These items will not be picked up with regular collection.

Are any items too large for pickup, such as fence sections, large tree limbs or other large waste?

Any individual item or collection of items larger than 3 cubic yards (about the size of a washer and dryer side-by-side, for example) is too large for pickup. These items will have to be hauled to a TDS facility or placed into a roll-off container. Several cities are coordinating drop off locations and these will be posted asap.

Compactible Items

Standard household trash, such as paper, plastic, fabric, and yard waste are compactible. Guidelines for bulky disposal of compactible items are as follows:

One cubic yard is seven of the following, while three cubic yards is 21 of the following examples:

  • 30 Gallon Trash Bags
  • Medium Boxes
  • Bundles of Tree Limbs

Bundles must be less than 4 feet long and secured with twine, rope, or duct tape.

Each item must weigh 30 pounds or less.

Can I schedule debris removal from my home? Are there additional pickup days for debris?

Debris removal can be scheduled through Customer Care at (800) 375-8375 or via email at [email protected]. Community debris removal is varied and subject to municipal organization – please check with your local authorities for clean-up days or other special bulky pick-up scheduling.

If I am utilizing curbside pickup, where should the debris be placed?

If your acceptable debris is under three cubic yards and scheduled for a pickup, it should be bundled neatly and placed on the curb.

Do customers need to separate debris into different categories? If so, what are the categories?

Debris does not need to be placed into categories. However, it should be bundled neatly together if being placed for curbside collection.

Can my debris be dropped off somewhere?

Debris can be dropped off at our transfer stations or our Citizen’s Convenience Center in southeast Travis County, just outside of Austin. Fees will apply, prices are varied. Please contact Customer Care at (800) 375-8375 or via email at [email protected] for current rates. TDS is currently working with cities to coordinate community drop off locations, more information to come.

Will FEMA remove any debris?

FEMA will only remove debris if it is on public property (such as highways or public lands) and is defined as an essential emergency. Most debris on private property, such as homes, businesses or ranches, is not eligible for FEMA removal. More information about FEMA removal can be found here.