TDS Billing FAQ

Where do I send my TDS payment?

Send payments to Texas Disposal Systems Inc, PO Box 674090, Dallas, TX 75267-4090.

How do I pay my TDS bill online?

Visit the TDS online Bill Payment website here. There will be an option for a first-time user or returning customer with login and password. Select Account/Payment to make a one-time payment. Enter payment information and confirmation for payment will be received.

How do I change my Automatic Payments?

To schedule, stop or amend automatic payments, please call the Customer Care Department at (800) 375-8375.

Where can I find my access code to set up automatic payments?

Find your automatic payment access code at the bottom of your TDS statement or invoice, which will be used once to set up automatic payments. Go to the bill payment website here. You will be asked to choose a login (can be email address) and a password for return visits to manage your account. Follow the instructions on the bill payment page. You may also call the Customer Care Department at (800) 375-8375.