Why Compost at a Landfill?

Texas Landfill Management, L.L.C (TLM), a sister company of TDS, included diversion in its landfill plans from the beginning, permitting space for compost and recycling operations. We wanted to properly handle and manage several waste streams and have the ability to responsibly divert materials which come in as solid waste, to discover or create alternate uses.  As part of the permit, TLM began diverting materials which could be used as mulch, soil and compost through the composting division, Texas Organic Products (TOP).
TOP can provide unique and cost saving alternatives to the disposal of organic process wastes for composting, rather than landfilling, which preserves future landfill capacity. These include food and beverage processing related wastes, wood derived wastes and compostable wastes requiring secure document destruction. Also, home gardeners and professional landscaping contractors can take advantage of our "one-stop shopping" by dumping a load of yard or brush trimmings and hauling off compost, mulch or organic rich topsoil for use on their projects.
TOP encompasses approximately 30 acres and utilizes both conventional windrow and static pile composting operations in Austin. The area includes compost pad surfaces, grinding and soil blending areas, specific areas for feedstock receiving, active windrow composting, curing, screening, wood waste grinding and product storage.

Through the process, microorganisms decompose and digest the organic matter and a rich humus material is created. This process generates just the right amount of heat to eliminate weed seeds, insects, and pathogens. Processed compost is made into compost products and landscape soils, mulches and unique custom blends. The material is tested at a laboratory and carries the United States Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA). This is a compost testing, labeling, and information disclosure program designed to give customers the information they need to get the maximum benefit from the use of our high-quality compost. The resulting compost, mulch, soil blends and natural gardening products are available at our seven retail Garden-Ville locations across central Texas. Find them online at www.garden-ville.com.

  • Residential & Commercial Composting

    A convenient way to turn brush and food waste from your home or business into organic compost, mulch, and soil.

  • What Goes Into Compost?

    From food waste and beer to lumber and shredded paper, we use a variety of material in our organic compost.

  • How is Compost Made?

    At our 18 acre compost pad we use windrows to process the organic material diverted from the landfill.