What Goes Into Compost?

The Texas Organic Products (TOP) composting operation receives various source-separated materials as feedstock. Some materials are collected by Texas Disposal Systems through yard waste or food waste hauling. Others are brought through the gatehouse at the landfill and diverted to the compost operations.

The materials we collect or accept include the following:

  • Yard trimmings and leaves
  • Brush and untreated lumber 
  • Produce and food scraps
  • Soiled paper and shredded paper
  • Animal and vegetable oils and greases
  • Some liquids including dairy materials, beer, wine, soft drinks and other beverages

The materials are added to windrows with other very specific materials in order to achieve desired levels and types of compost. The resulting compost is graded, mixed with other products, and intended for specific landscaping, gardening or lawn use based on the pH level, carbon:nitrogen ration and nutrients.

Some brush, untreated lumber and other feedstock are used to create mulches, rather than compost, at the compost area. The mulch is not decomposed as thoroughly, and serves different purposes in landscape and gardens. Often, mulch and compost produced at TOP can be used in combination to achieve the best results.

Both compost and mulch are available in bulk for larger landscaping projects and lawns, or by the cubic yard or bag for smaller projects. The products are sold through Garden-Ville, an affiliated company with seven locations across Texas.