Recycling means different things to different people, and at TDS we’re always expanding our vision of what recycling can include. We continually look for ways to divert a material otherwise intended for landfill disposal and repurpose it for a new life. This can include traditional “closed-loop” recycling, when a material is reconstituted into the same product, such as turning a discarded aluminum can into another aluminum can. It can also include “open-loop” recycling, when a material is reused for a whole new purpose, as with our Resident Artist program. We’ve also found ways to upcycle a material, using it in the original form for a new purpose, for example, using discarded lumber as display shelves for our Garden-Ville products, and building pole barns using recycled utility poles.
TDS accepts recyclable materials a variety of ways, with the most common means being either single stream or source separated materials from residents and businesses.

Gathering a variety of materials in one collection stream in a single container is called single-stream recycling. Single-stream recycling requires no separation at the point of collection, so it is a more convenient method of recycling. The materials are separated at the TDS Materials Recovery Facility and baled for processing once free of contaminants. Single-stream is the preferred and most convenient method of recycling for most residential and commercial customers, who can easily collect different types of glass, plastic, steel, aluminum and paper products.

Materials separated at the point of collection and kept free of contaminants are source separated. These materials do not require sorting at the Materials Recovery Facility, and only require transportation from the collection site. Cardboard, plastic, metal and paper may be either baled on site or transported from the collection site in a separate container without other recyclables. These materials are ready for processing.

  • Christmas Tree Recycling

    Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) is accepting Christmas trees for recycling free of charge this holiday season.

  • Materials Recovery Facility

    Our Materials Recovery Facility allows us to process more than 25 tons of unseparated recyclables per hour.

  • Concrete Recycling

    With a demonstrated history of successfully diverting waste from the landfill, TDS offers a more economical way to dispose of concrete and rock base materials.

  • Eco-Industrial park

    In partnership with our MRF, we plan to process recyclable materials and manufacture right here at home.

  • Scrap Metal Recycling

    Our metal recycling began with Acme Iron & Metal and now includes our MRF and a scrap metal recycling program.

  • Bag the Bag®

    A recycling solution for plastic bags and other film plastics such as cellophane, shrink wrap, and more.

  • Renewable Resources

    Texas Disposal Systems captures methane gas produced by the landfill.