• What is accepted in recycling?

    We accept single stream as well as source separated recycled materials. Most commercial and residential recycling is single stream, which means all of the materials we accept can be commingled rather than separating them. Glass, plastic, aluminum and metal, and unsoiled paper products are all recyclable. See a downloadable flyer for a more detailed list of residential single stream recycling here.

    Source separated materials are recyclable materials like cardboard, metal, and plastic which are sorted prior to being brought to our facility. See a full list of accepted materials here.

  • Can food wrappers like pizza boxes and aluminum foil be recycled?

    Please thoroughly rinse any food containers of food residue in order to recycle them. Aluminum foil may be recycled if it is rinsed clean of any food residue. Pizza boxes may not be recycled, as the food residue on them cannot be rinsed and will contaminate the load of recyclables making the load unrecyclable.

  • How are single stream recycling materials separated at the MRF?

    View a video of the Materials Recovery Facility here.

  • What are the benefits of recycling?

    Recycling is using materials otherwise discarded for a new purpose. This can be done by reclaiming materials and repurposing them, or traditional recycling by collecting, baling and reusing raw materials. Recycling conserves natural resources like wood, water, and minerals. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions created during processing of new materials and creates well-paying jobs in the United States. Recycling is a way to reduce wastefulness, and by reusing materials, save them from ending up in the landfill where they will never be reclaimed.

  • Do you have educational information about recycling for children?

    Yes! We have a coloring book, which can help kids learn more about recycling. Download it here.