Compostable Solids and Liquids

Garden-Ville and Texas Organic Products (TOP) are affiliated companies of Texas Disposal Systems, and each play an important role in our compost and soil blending operations. Together, they provide unique and cost-saving alternatives to the disposal of organic wastes.

Compostable solids and liquids include items like food and beverage waste, pre and post-consumer food waste, and wood derived wastes. When compostable solids and liquids pass through the TDS gatehouse, they're brought to the compost pad to begin the composting, and sometimes recycling, process. For example, a local beer vendor may bring spoiled or off spec beer in bottles to TOP. The bottles are strategically placed so that when heavy machinery runs over the bottles to break up the glass, the beer runs off into compost piles. The broken bottles are then picked up and taken to the Materials Recovery Facility for recycling and the liquid is used in the compost process to "water" the windrows. Other materials taken at TOP include soda, milk, pre and post-consumer liquids, dead animals, produce, wood waste, and more. Once the compost is finished curing, Garden-Ville steps in to mix components to create a series of products to be bagged and sold at all of the seven locations across central Texas.

TDS is the only permitted facility in Austin that can provide this environmentally conscious waste management solution.

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