Accepted Materials

All Locations:

Trash: household and commercial, including construction materials
Recycling: household and commercial single-stream materials, appliances, metal, tires, and automobile batteries
Compost: untreated brush, wood and yard waste and metal

TDS Austin Landfill/Recycling Facility:

In addition to the list above, the TDS Landfill also accepts the following:

Trash: class II and III industrial waste, asbestos, sludge, and other special wastes
Recycling: aseptic and gabel top containers, and aggregates
Compost: compostable bulk liquids, such as soft drinks, beer, wine, and dairy (Creedmoor and Evans locations)

Unacceptable Material:

Hazardous wastes, paint, non-compostable bulk liquids, and radioactive wastes. For information on acceptance of a specific material please call the TDS Landfill at (512) 421-1363.

See a full list of accepted materials here.