Hornsby Bend

Chronology of Solid Waste, Recycling, Organics and Zero Waste under Austin Assistant City Manager Robert Goode and Others

12-15-16 City Council Meeting Items 46, 52 & 53, Transcript

12-14-2016 Bob Gregory Email to City Council

11-09-2016 Bob Gregory Email to City Council re ALO Violations, Synagro-Click Contracts

10-3-2016 Gary Newton Email – Notice of Prohibited Representation

8-9-2016 Bob Gregory Email to the Mayor, City Council, ZWAC, and Water & Wastewater Commission


Attachments to Email:

  1. 8-11-2016 Austin City Council Mtg Agenda RCA for Item 25 
  2. 8-11-2016 Austin City Council Mtg Agenda RCA for Item 26 
  3. Dillo Dirt Program
  4. 7-13-2016 Water & Wastewater Commission Meeting Transcript
    1. Various Scenarios- Hornsby Bend Compost to Dillo Dirt
    2. Various Scenarios – Hornsby Bend Compost to All Gro
  5. USCC Factsheet- Compost
  6. Aerial Photo Of Airport Distance to Hornsby Bend
  7. Synagro’s Reported Mixing Ratio
  8. Travis County Ordinance for Siting of Solid Waste Facilities
  9. Synagro Current Pricing for Direct Land Application, Composting
  10. 2009 Loan For New $7M Composting Pad at Hornsby Bend
  11. TDS Purchase Price for HB Curing Piles
  12. Communications with COA Purchasing re Application of Anti-Lobbying on Solicitation for Sale/Removal of Unscreened Dillo Dirt
  13. COA RFP for Citywide Dumpster Collection
  14. Summary Judgment TDS v COA Anti-Lobbying Disqualification
  15. TDS Contract for Waste & Yard Trimmings
  16. Current Contract with Synagro (including 120-day Holdover Option)

4-12-2016 Bob Gregory Email – Organics Processing Under TDS/COA Contract


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Transcripts and Meeting Agendas


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Synagro – National News Articles


12-6-16 Synagro expands its composting portfolio with acquisition of Nursery Products in Southern California


1-18-2013   Feds unveil new recordings, defense fires back painting key witness as liar

2-09-2011   John Clark indicted for bribery in connection with the Synagro contract

7-11-2010   Synagro execs knew of payments, records show

4-06-2010   From the editor – The odor from Oak Point Avenue

3-02-2010   Former Synagro consultant Rayford Jackson set to start five-year prison stint for bribery

12-03-2009   Bankole Thompson Exclusive – Rayford Jackson Interview

12-01-2009   Good Morning America sob story on fired FOX News anchor who shilled for Farrakhan, hid cars

11-30-2009   Former Synagro Executive Sentenced in Bribery Scheme Related to Detroit Sludge Contract

11-22-2009   Synagro is Back

11-14-2009   Rayford Jackson gets max sentence in bribery scandal

4-20-2009   Largest sewage recycler Synagro Technologies scrutinized in some states

1-25-2009   Executive’s car bugged in corruption probe

7-10-2008   More “Exposure” of Unethical Muslim FOX Anchor Fanchon Stinger, Nothing New to Schlussel Readers

7-01-2008   Alpine Township man involved in Detroit corruption investigation


10-06-16   100 Upper Mount Bethel residents sue sludge provider, farmers

10-03-16   Upper Mount Bethel residents file massive sewage sludge lawsuit

1-28-16   DEP refutes sludge opponents’ victory claim in Slate Belt farming case

1-25-16   PA Supreme Court finds biosolids recycling normal agricultural operation

1-05-16   State Supreme Court’s ruling on biosolids could set example for other states

6-08-12   Sweet deal smelled awful

Synagro – News Articles – Travis County

8-04-16  Will $20 million plan turn buildup into compost?

8-02-16  Will $20M plan turn more Austin sludge into compost?

7-29-16  Comments – Will $20 million plan turn more Austin sludge into compost

5-22-16  Compost collection debated

5-13-16  Composting posting

1-01-14  Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant and Bird Observatory

10-15-13  Questions over Hornsby Bend deal

10-07-13  ACL AggreGAYtion, Part II

6-14-13  Compost fire at Hornsby Bend plant to cost city some $9 million

6-14-13  Cleaning up Dillo Dirt fire could cost $9M

3-20-13  City projects compost fire to cost millions

3-20-13  After smoldering 3 weeks, Hornsby Bend fire almost out

3-18-13  Compost fire to cost Austin at least $2 million

3-05-13  Smoldering compost fires continue to concern neighbors

3-05-13  Persistent compost fire at Hornsby Bend could last a few more weeks

3-04-13  Crews working to extinguish compost fire

2-27-13  Smoke from compost fire to continue for days

2-26-13  Compost piles continue to burn, thanks to high winds

2-26-13  AFD continues to monitor compost fires

2-25-13  Compost fire near airport to burn into the night

10-17-12  Rat Race – ACL 2012 Musings

2-01-12  Composting Roundup

1-16-12  Austin’s Hornsby Bend Compost Pavement Garners ACPA Award

7-06-11  Urban Affairs – Dillo Dirt production to rise

6-24-11  Dillo Dirt expands its pad

6-23-11  City of Austin’s dillo dirt program to expand

5-18-11  City concerned about elevated ammonia levels at sewage site

1-31-11  Sustainable biosolids plant moonlights as bird observatory

12-31-10  Ronald B. Sieger Biosolids Management Award 

10-27-10  Article: Commissioners Reject Variances for Firm Seeking to Recycle Wastewater

10-26-10  Article: Sludge Coming to Southeastern Travis County?

4-19-10  Austin Water receives statewide environmental awards

2-26-10  Naked City – Hornsby Bend gets greener

2-17-10  Austin capitalizes on $31.8 million in Recovery Act Funds

6-19-09  Austin Water Utility wins stimulus dollars to upgrade Hornsby Bend

1-12-09  More testing on Dillo Dirt in the future

8-29-08  US $2.3B biomass energy contract approved for Austin Energy

5-19-00  Naked City – Waste not, want not

10-31-99  News from the Hornsby Bend Partnership – Sept.-Oct. 1999

7-26-96  The Mayor’s Waterloo – Stopped in his tracks

Synagro – News Articles – Bastrop County</>

7-14-16  Firm won’t haul sludge to Bastrop

7-13-16  Officials vote no on moving Austin sludge to Bastrop County

6-27-16  Sludge Fight Shifts To Bastrop County

Synagro – News Articles – Pam Racey

1-18-13  Inside court – Kilpatrick trial day 57

1-17-13  Witness says he heaped Kilpatrick with cash, champagne

6-07-12  How Philadelphia reached a deal on sludge

7-12-10  SludgeSCAM

2-09-10  The Bush Family, A Crooked Federal Judge and John Conyer’s Wife

2-07-10  Carlyle Group subsidiary in Michigan bribery trial

 2-06-10  White Trash Networks – Crooks Testify

2008  Evidence – Synagro pay-off