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1-18-2013   Feds unveil new recordings, defense fires back painting key witness as liar

2-09-2011   John Clark indicted for bribery in connection with the Synagro contract

7-11-2010   Synagro execs knew of payments, records show

4-06-2010   From the editor – The odor from Oak Point Avenue

3-02-2010   Former Synagro consultant Rayford Jackson set to start five-year prison stint for bribery

12-03-2009   Bankole Thompson Exclusive – Rayford Jackson Interview

12-01-2009   Good Morning America sob story on fired FOX News anchor who shilled for Farrakhan, hid cars

11-30-2009   Former Synagro Executive Sentenced in Bribery Scheme Related to Detroit Sludge Contract

11-22-2009   Synagro is Back

11-14-2009   Rayford Jackson gets max sentence in bribery scandal

4-20-2009   Largest sewage recycler Synagro Technologies scrutinized in some states

1-25-2009   Executive’s car bugged in corruption probe

7-10-2008   More “Exposure” of Unethical Muslim FOX Anchor Fanchon Stinger, Nothing New to Schlussel Readers

7-01-2008   Alpine Township man involved in Detroit corruption investigation


10-06-16   100 Upper Mount Bethel residents sue sludge provider, farmers

10-03-16   Upper Mount Bethel residents file massive sewage sludge lawsuit

1-28-16   DEP refutes sludge opponents’ victory claim in Slate Belt farming case

1-25-16   PA Supreme Court finds biosolids recycling normal agricultural operation

1-05-16   State Supreme Court’s ruling on biosolids could set example for other states

6-08-12   Sweet deal smelled awful