Citywide Dumpster Collection Services

Solicitation Documents and Information

6-06-2016 RFP SLW0514 – Citywide Dumpster Collection Services

6-18-2016 Audio of Pre-proposal Conference

7-28-2016 Proposal Response Log

2010 Contract for Refuse & Recycling Collection Services for City Departments


TDS Communications

2-13-2017 TDS Response to Sam Angoori Memo

2-17-2017 Memo of Correction from Sam Angoori to Mayor & Council

2-15-2017 Bob Gregory Email to City Council re Agenda Item 29

Reasons Why TDS Did Not Respond to This and Other RFPs

City of Austin Policy Goals 2-15-2017

2-07-2017 Bob Gregory Email to ZWAC re Agenda Items 3A and 3B


12-12-2016 Gary Newton Memo re Agenda Item 46, Re-opening of Sunset Farms Landfill


12-14-2016 Gary Newton Memo re Agenda Items 46, 52, and 53


12-14-2016 Bob Gregory Email to City Council


11-11-2016 Bob Gregory Email to Electric Utility Commission


11-09-2016 Bob Gregory Email to ZWAC



2-16-2017 City Council Mtg, Transcript, Item 29, Citywide Dumpster Contract

2-08-2017 ZWAC Mtg, Transcript, Item 3B, Citywide Dumpster Contract

12-15-2016 City Council Transcript, Items 46, 52 and 53

11-14-2016 Electric Utility Commission Transcript, Item 8

11-09-2016 ZWAC Transcript, Item 3E, Citywide Dumpster Contract

10-12-2016 ZWAC Mtg, Transcript, Item 6 Future Agenda Items 


Related Documents and Information

ZWAC Recommendations 11-9-2016 and 2-08-2017

RFP Language Allowing for Major Expansion of the Citywide Dumpster

Collections Services Contract

Special Events Invoices with Summary

12-15-2016 City Council Meeting Agenda Item 46 Q&A Report

9-13-2016 Bob Gedert Memo

Nondisclosure Agreements Signed By City Staff

Events Resolution No. 20091022-040

TDS Diversion Report for Austin Energy Waste

BFI-ACCO Recycling Facility Chronology


News Media

2-22-17 Austin City Council Votes Against Renewing $7.7M Republic Contract

2-22-17 Council Denies Controversial Waste Disposal Contract

2-16-17 ZWAC Rejects Republic Contract Renewal Again

11-16-16 New City Contract – ‘Death Knell’ for Private Dumpster Services