Coloring Pages

Earth Day 2020

April is Stress Awareness Month as well as Earth Month. To celebrate the two and work with families during the COVID-19 crisis, Texas Disposal Systems (TDS) is partnering with local Austin artist Becca Borrelli to launch a series of coloring pages for families to enjoy together.

With hand-drawn features and robust images, the project shares fun and playful artscapes for children and parents to work collaboratively together. Coloring has been proven to relax the mind and induce the same state as meditating or rest, which is why TDS began the partnership. More information about the curated pages can be found below.

Earth Day 2020 Coloring Pages

You’ll notice three topics are covered on these coloring sheets:

  • Texas Disposal Systems page – This page tells the story of Texas Disposal Systems as a whole, encompassing their recycling, composting and landfill operations in Central Texas. The sweeping, curling waves allow for wide drawing spaces and a variety of shapes to fill with color.
  • Garden-Ville page – The second page tells the story of Garden-Ville, an affiliate of Texas Disposal Systems. The page tells the story of composting, which keeps organic material out of the landfill and builds a nutrient-rich product for gardeners and landscapers to use. With butterflies, plant life, and big skies, the page offers several eye-striking designs to color.
  • TDS Exotic Game Ranch page – This page tells the story of the TDS Exotic Game Ranch, which serves as living proof of TDS’ conservation efforts, as well as the showcasing of having animals thrive and co-exist next to a well-run waste disposal facility. With a giraffe, rhino and zebra well featured, as well as the Austin city skyline, the page shows how all these diverse eco-systems can live in harmony – and how they can all be colored in lovely ways!