As the official Waste and Recycling Partner of Austin FC,
Texas Disposal Systems manages all of Q2 Stadium’s recoverable resources and waste disposal materials.

The Partnership

Together, Texas Disposal Systems and Austin FC are working toward greater sustainability and a noticeably different, noticeably better gameday experience. As the Official Waste and Recycling Partner of Austin FC, TDS has helped create educational signage for 85 Eco Stations throughout Q2 Stadium, each with segmented compartments to collect trash, compost and recyclable materials. TDS also serves as a sustainability consultant for Austin FC vendor relationships and match-day processes. In addition to providing plentiful waste receptacles, winning over fan support was critical to creating an effective waste diversion strategy. TDS works with Austin FC to introduce an educational component that would impact fans’ waste disposal behaviors. During key matches, TDS staffs Q2 Stadium with “Trash Goalies” who share information on which items were appropriate for the trash, compost and recycle sections of the Eco Stations.

Texas Disposal Systems truck in front of Austin FC's Q2 Stadium

The Results

In the first year alone, Austin FC achieved an impressive 70 percent diversion rate and in their second year, the Club reached a 75 percent diversion rate. Several second-year matches crossed the 80 percent threshold and one match reached 94 percent waste diversion. Following TDS’ guidance, Austin FC continues to implement additional sustainability measures with their vendors and supply chain. Austin FC credits TDS for building a collaborative sustainability-focused mindset into the Austin FC and Q2 Stadium culture. “We were able to drive sustainable behavior right from the beginning and having the support from TDS was crucial in building that,” said Nick Otte, Senior Director of Stadium Operations at Austin FC.

Texas Disposal Systems Trash Goalies Program at Austin FC's Q2 Stadium

Q2 Stadium

Since the opening of Q2 Stadium, staff has made a concerted effort to provide compostable packaging and flatware at all concession areas. Through the Club’s first three-and-a-half seasons, these efforts have seen the successful diversion of 79.22% percent of all waste generated at Q2 Stadium. Waste at Austin FC matches and other full-stadium events is hand-sorted in order to increase the amount of material collected and diverted from landfills.

TDS has helped develop and implement strategies that continue to increase the rate at which waste is diverted at the stadium. TDS launched its own team of volunteer Trash Goalies, who actively engage with fans to ensure proper disposal of waste items, making a significant impact on sustainability efforts at Q2 Stadium. Additionally, credentialed TRUE Advisors from Okapi Environmental Services have played a crucial role in guiding Q2 Stadium through the certification process thus far.

All the stadium’s waste diversion initiatives are part of Austin FC’s Go Verde! Sustainability Platform, presented by YETI. The implementation of YETI Hydration Stations around the stadium concourses has eliminated the use of over 50,000 plastic water bottles during the 2023 season alone.


In early October 2023, Green Business Certification Inc. announced Austin FC’s home venue Q2 Stadium as the first soccer-specific stadium and third sports venue in the world to earn Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) pre-certification (there are now five such stadiums). The pre-certification recognizes projects implementing the fundamental actions and policies needed to effectively pursue zero waste.

“Sustainability was an integral part of Q2 Stadium’s design and it continues to be a top priority as we strive to make the venue a home that Austinites can enjoy for years to come,” said Austin FC President Andy Loughnane. “It’s an honor to receive this recognition for the stadium’s commitment to achieving zero waste.”

Trash-Goalie Program

As part of TDS’ Partnership with Austin FC, Texas Disposal Systems launched a waste diversion service program at Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium called “Trash Goalies.”

Our Trash Goalies are on-site at Austin FC games, and help monitor the Eco-Waste Stations near the concession and seating areas around the stadium. The main focus of our Trash Goalies are to help prevent contamination and inform patrons about the proper disposal practices at the stadium. Before every game, our Trash Goalies get together and set up the game plan, going over the plan before, during, and after the match. So far, the efforts of our Trash Goalies Program has helped make Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium one of the most eco-friendly stadium around the country.

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What is Waste Diversion?

Waste diversion is the process of redirecting waste materials away from landfills and incineration towards recycling, composting, and other sustainable disposal methods. The primary goal is to reduce the environmental impact of waste by recovering valuable resources, decreasing pollution, and conserving landfill space. Waste diversion involves various practices such as separating recyclables, composting organic waste, reusing materials, and implementing waste reduction strategies at the source. By prioritizing waste diversion, communities can promote a circular economy, where materials are continuously reused and repurposed, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to waste management.

Texas Disposal Systems Truck outside Austin FC's Q2 Stadium

Get Involved!

As the official Waste and Recycling Partner of Austin FC, Texas Disposal Systems is focused on making Austin FC and Q2 Stadium one of the most eco-friendly stadiums in the country – whether through our Eco-Waste Stations, Trash-Goalies Program, or by helping fans stay informed on the importance of waste diversion, recycling, and other practices everyone can do. If you’d like more information on things you can do to play your part in our efforts, click below to join TDS’ Newsletter and stay up to date.

Texas Disposal Systems Trash Goalies Program at Austin FC's Q2 Stadium

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