Renewable Resources

Texas Disposal Systems captures methane gas produced by the landfill. Currently, TDS flares the methane produced from filled landfill cells, with future plans to utilize the methane to provide power to its facilities and to the surrounding community. The landfill gas-to-energy project will provide energy which can reduce the community's impact on climate change.

In 2008, TDS entered the alternative fuels market to maximize resource recovery from solid waste streams. As the market allows, select materials are positively sorted and diverted from the waste stream for mechanical processing. The different components are then blended in to specification alternative fuels to replace coal, coke, and potentially other solid fuels. The fuels produced are developed specifically for the particular characteristics of the combustion unit that will use the fuel and are designed to result in lower emissions of contaminants of concern and to maximize the fixed carbon content to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Texas Disposal Systems works closely with each end user to ensure the fuels perform as designed and have an overall positive environmental result, while aiding in the national goal of energy independence.