Portable Storage Units

TDS Portable Storage Units provide invaluable storage capacity during construction, remodeling, cleaning, or opening a new location. Our metal storage units are there when you need them and removed from your location when you don’t. They are delivered and picked up on your schedule by safe and courteous drivers.

Serving as an ultra-secure temporary storage unit, they offer the security and peace of mind that your items are safe behind lock and key. Use them for inventory, for project tools and materials, or for extra space during a clean out. With over 1,200 cubic feet of capacity, portable storage units offer a spacious solution for materials that may not fit in other storage spaces. The units are 8ft x 8ft x 20ft, and with unit-wide doors, which allow plenty of head room, easy loading and convenient access to your materials. Whatever your temporary storage needs, a storage unit is a great solution.

For a free consultation with a Portable Storage Unit Specialist, please contact 800.375.8375 or solutions@texasdisposal.com.