Hornsby Bend

8-9-2016 Bob Gregory Email to the Mayor, City Council, ZWAC, and Water & Wastewater Commission

Attachments to Email:

1. 8-11-2016 Austin City Council Mtg Agenda RCA for Item 25 

2. 8-11-2016 Austin City Council Mtg Agenda RCA for Item 26 

3. Dillo Dirt Program

4. 7-13-2016 Water & Wastewater Commission Meeting Transcript

5a. Various Scenarios- Hornsby Bend Compost to Dillo Dirt

5b. Various Scenarios - Hornsby Bend Compost to All Gro

6. USCC Factsheet- Compost

7. Aerial Photo Of Airport Distance to Hornsby Bend

8. Synagro's Reported Mixing Ratio

9. Travis County Ordinance for Siting of Solid Waste Facilities

10. Synagro Current Pricing for Direct Land Application, Composting

11. 2009 Loan For New $7M Composting Pad at Hornsby Bend

12. TDS Purchase Price for HB Curing Piles

13. Communications with COA Purchasing re Application of Anti-Lobby on Solicitation for Sale/Removal of Unscreened Dillo Dirt

14. COA RFP for Citywide Dumpster Collection

15. Summary Judgment TDS v COA Anti-Lobby Disqualification

16. TDS Contract for Waste & Yard Trimmings

17. Current Contract with Synagro (including 120-day Holdover Option)