Green School Solutions

At Texas Disposal Systems, we want to make a positive and lasting impact on the future. We want students to understand their impact on the world, which is why we started the TDS Green School Solutions program. The program includes school-wide recycling, plus compostables collection services in cafeteria kitchens. TDS provides training and educational materials for staff and administration, as well as for students, showing them how to recycle and divert compostables within the school, and why it’s important.
TDS works with schools to find the best balance between trash, recycling and compost options for the most cost-effective solution. Assisting the administration, teachers and janitorial staff with planning and implementation is simply the first step in this customized program. Each school’s participation is documented and made available through reports posted here on the TDS Green School Solutions website. Reporting is done on an average per-student basis, which helps students set school-wide diversion goals and spurs competition between schools to increase diversion rates. With these reports, students can see firsthand how their actions can affect positive change.

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