Excavation Services

The construction of deep ​​​landfill cells require a lot of digging, which results in a lot of surplus earth. At TDS, we make sure that we remove dirt and fill waste in the best way possible. We also reclaim soil for other projects. Through TDS Excavation Services, we excavate our landfill cells and reuse the soils as landfill working face cover, pads for other buildings and projects, and for the construction of our eco/industrial park and landscaping projects. TDS Excavation Services also works with a few select customers to help ensure their projects are managed the same way—with careful thought for the best possible use of earth.

​TDS also offers solutions for construction and demolition debris, from large and small projects. Our largest roll-off container can accommodate up to 40 cubic yards of debris. Our smaller dumpsters are perfect for locations with space constraints. Roll-off service trucks are dispatched 24 hours per day, Monday through Saturday, so collecting and removing debris and fill is easy and convenient.