Disaster Recovery

Texas Disposal Systems is uniquely equipped to partner with the businesses and governmental agencies, which are leading disaster recovery efforts. We operate the first full-service, integrated disposal, recycling and composting facility ever permitted by the State of Texas. That means we can provide a broad spectrum of individual or turnkey services for collecting, hauling, disposal, recycling, composting, and storage services even for items that are difficult to dispose of safely.

After the major central Texas flooding in the fall of 1998, TDS provided waste transportation and collection for Comal County and provided turnkey cleanup service for the city of Cuero and the LCRA, at a significant cost savings. More recently, TDS assisted with the 2011 Bastrop fire clean up effort, which is still ongoing. TDS was able to reclaim some of the burned logs to be repurposed through the Resident Artist program. In 2013, TDS assisted in the flood debris cleanup in central Texas and opened its landfill on Sundays for 24/7 cleanup operations.