Bag the Bag®

The Bag-the-Bag® program from Texas Disposal Systems, the first known program of its kind in the United States, collects plastic bags and other film plastic from the waste stream for recycling via a single stream recycling residential program. By providing a more convenient solution for citizens than taking plastic bags to store containers for recycling, it increases plastic recycling and prevents renewable resources from going into the landfill or littering streets. The expansive list of materials accepted includes grocery, produce and newspaper bags, shrink wrap from bulk items, six-pack rings, clean cellophane, and clear bags, which are all collected in a special stuffer bag placed in single stream recyclables curbside containers.

Through the Bag-the-Bag® program, TDS customers use a specific bright yellow, thick plastic “stuffer bag” to collect their plastic bags and film plastics. When the bag is full, it can be tied and simply tossed in the customer’s single-stream recycling container for collection with other recyclable materials. While individual bags can’t be processed by the TDS Materials Recovery Facility, the bright yellow Bag-the-Bag stuffer bags are easy to see and pick off the sorting line, where they are collected and recycled.

TDS offers this service to customers who pick up the special stuffer bags at a cost of $.25 per bag at any TDS facility and can return full bags to any TDS facility for recycling, or through their community's collection program.