Curbside Textile Recycling Program - Simple Recycling

4-11-2017 Sam Angoori, Second Update Memo to Mayor and City Council -Resolution 20170202-045, Simple Recycling

3-02-2017 Sam Angoori Memo to Mayor and City Council -Response to Resolution 20170202-045, Simple Recycling

2-08-2017 ZWAC Agenda Backup, Item 5 - Resolution

2-02-2017 City Council Resolution No. 20170202-045

1-25-2017 Bob Gregory Email to City Council

TDS Fact Sheet - Curbside Clothing and Housewares Recycling in Austin,TX

12-6-2016 Letter from Texas Disposal Systems to the Texas Attorney General



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Additional information about Simple Recycling and the City of Austin can be found here.