City of Austin Clothing and Housewares Recycling Program

Information About the Program

TDS Fact Sheet - Curbside Clothing and Housewares Recycling in Austin,TX

COA Zero Waste Master Plan - Textile Collection Pilot Program

RFP - Curbside Textile Recycling Services, April 4, 2016

Simple Recycling RFP Response Proposal

1-25-2017 Bob Gregory Email to City Council




Public Information Requests:

       1. City Recycling, Inc. dba Green City Recycler RFP Response

       2. Contract and RFP Response from Great Lakes Recycling, Inc. dba Simple Recycling

       3. Reports Submitted to City of Austin
           Dec. 2016 Revenue Payment to COA
           Dec.  2-9, 2016, Collection Report
           Dec. 12-16, 2016, Collection Report
           Dec. 19-23, 2016, Collection Report
           Dec. 26-30, 2016, Collection Report

       4. City Staff's Proposal Scoring and Evaluation Documents:

           RFP Evaluation Matrix

           RFP Evaluation Matrix with Summary

           Evaluator's Worksheet and Notes​​

      5. Communications Between City Staff and Simple Recycling

          ARR Emails Part 1

          ARR Emails Part 2

          ARR Emails Part 3

     6. Communications to Obtain Records from the City of Austin:

        12-19-16 Letter from Simple Recycling to the Texas Attorney General

        12-6-16 Letter from Texas Disposal Systems to the Texas Attorney General

        11-30-16 Letter from the City of Austin to the Texas Attorney General

        11-15-16 to 11-21-16 Communications Between Ryan Hobbs and City staff

        11-11-16 City of Austin Public Information Request from Ryan Hobbs

        COA Private Hauler License Applications
                   2016            2017


Communication About The Program:

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